Oklahoma Catholic Workers: Holding US Bishops Accountable for Supporting War

romerohouse A big shout out and thanks to Bob Waldrop and the Catholic Worker Community at Romero House in Oklahoma City for producing a special issue of their Worker paper in honor of the meeting in Rome this coming week on Catholics and Just Peace.

The US bishops’ attitude of moral relativism about the war – “we
think it’s wrong, but if you choose a different way, that’s fine with us”
– is not what they say about abortion. On that issue, they give clear
moral guidance. It is an objective evil. But so is direct involvement
with unjust war. Unjust war at all times and under all
circumstances is a moral evil on the part of the aggressor. Here is
how Bishop Botean constructed his argument on the moral equivalency
of involvement with the Iraq war and involvement with abortion

Read the whole paper here.

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