Feast of the Virgen de Guadalupe

By Rennett Stowe

The original story of the Virgin of Guadalupe is told in detail in the Nican Mopohua (“Here it is told”), a section of a larger work known as “The Great Event,” a Nahuatl document published in 1649 by Luis de la Vega.

It is in the form of a dialogue between Juan Diego and Tonantzin, the “Noble Queen of Heaven, Forever Virgin, Mother of God” in which the  she instructs Diego how to convince Bishop Zumarraga of the truth of her apparition. She then instructs him to build a church for her on the Hill of Tepeyac.

The document ends with acknowledgment of the divine character of the image on the cloak of Juan Diego. In section # 26 of the Nican Mopohua, the Virgin states that she is “Mother of the One Great God of Truth (In Huelnelli Teotl Dios), the One Through Whom We All Live (Ipalnemohuani), the Creator of People (In Teoyocoyani), the Lord of the Near and the Far (In Tloque in Nahuaque), etc.”

Celebrate with flower and song!

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