Jesus of the Billboard: Catholic Sisters Launch Midwest Campaign

Pro-immigrant billboard campaign in Iowa

As Iowa considers taking up anti-American laws targeting immigrants modeled after Arizona, Catholic sisters in throughout the Midwest are leading a public education campaign about what Jesus says about the situation.

“Rooted in the Gospel and the spirit of St. Francis and St. Clare,” say the Franciscan sisters of Dubuque, “we publically proclaim that immigrants have God-given rights to be treated with respect and dignity, to work and to access services that satisfy their basic needs. Basic human rights, the right to life and to migrate in search of the means to sustain life, are conferred not by citizen ship but by person hood. We support comprehensive immigration reform that will respect these right.”

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2 responses to “Jesus of the Billboard: Catholic Sisters Launch Midwest Campaign”

  1. Shame on you for using Jesus in an attempt to legitimize illegal immigrants. I think my Jesus would stess lawful procedings. I strongly resent and reject your strike through His name. You should think and re-evaluate your billboard sign.

  2. This is wonderful. And one of those Sisters is Pat Farrell, who spent 15 years working in Suchitoto, the town I was in this past year! It is sometimes a very small world. 🙂

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