Bishop Blaire: Climate Change and Migrant Farmworkers

” … Excess greenhouse gases – primarily from the burning of fossil fuels – are seriously impacting our climate with significant consequences for humanity. Just as in the Diocese of Stockton it is the poorest people (migrant farmworkers, the elderly, the homeless) who are most impacted by our local air pollution, so too it is poor people around the world who suffer the most from climate change.  They do not have the resources to protect themselves from extended droughts or severe flooding. They do not have insurance policies to guard against crop failures, homes lost to floods or diseases exacerbated by hunger and thirst. Scientists tell us that erratic weather patterns are likely to intensify with a warming planet, causing people around the world to suffer their effects.  Unless we begin seriously to address our carbon footprint, future generations may experience even greater hardship.”–Catholic Bishop Stephen E. Blaire of Stockton, California

Read Bishop Blaire’s whole address at the recent Festival of Faiths conference in Louisville, KY.

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