145 People Arrested Today at White House, Religious Leaders, Artists, Students

I’m home. I’m tired. And I feel great! Today 145 people were arrested in front of the White House to bring attention to the Keystone XL pipeline, a linchpin in the battle for climate justice. My police wristband shows that I was number 49.

With more than 60 people from the religious community joining the Tar Sands Action today, we were able to push the number of arrests over the past week up to 522.

We had a very hot ride in the police van but the Park Police processed us very quickly. We were released from custody and greeted outside with water, granola bars, and hugs. What could be better?

But the point was not to get arrested. The point was to make of our lives a living witness. To make it clear that climate change has gone too far and we are no longer going to stand idly by while our sisters, brothers, and home planet are torn apart by oil companies. Here are a couple of photos from today, but see many more here.

Dr. James Hansen, Jacek Orzechowsky, OFM, Rose Berger

2 responses to “145 People Arrested Today at White House, Religious Leaders, Artists, Students”

  1. Thanks Korla. We had a good showing today from the great state of Minnesota! Steve Clemens is here as well as Shodo Spring, Buddhist priest who’s just relocated to Minneapolis area. Peace and hugs.

  2. Rose, thank you so much. Your holy obedience is a most inspiring form of “homeland defense.” Blessings on you and all of the gathered as this continues to unfold. Thanks for keeping posted those of us who can’t be there.

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