The American Experiment: Status Ongoing

"Battle of Princeton, 1777" by Charles Willson Peale

“Charles Willson Peale knew well the details of the battle at Princeton, since as a militia member in the Pennsylvania regiment, he had found himself in the front line at Princeton at the battle’s climax, with George Washington in command. Although he revisited Trenton and Princeton while he was working on the painting, he already had vivid memories of the site. It is rare for a painter of military history to have been a participant in a battle he later painted.” –from A Revolution in Art


John Dickinson: Why do you refer to King George as a tyrant? …

Thomas Jefferson: Homes entered without warrant, citizens arrested without charge, and in many places free assembly itself denied.

Dickinson: No one approves of such things, but these are dangerous times.

Benjamin Franklin: Be careful, Mr. Dickinson. Those who would give up some of their liberty in order to obtain a little temporary safety deserve neither liberty nor safety.

–from the motion picture version of “1776”

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