Holy Week: Running the Risk of ‘Jesus is Lord’

“At the name of Jesus every knee must bend, in heaven, on earth, and under the earth; Christ became obedient for us even to death, dying on the cross. Therefore, to the glory of God: Jesus Christ is Lord.”–Philippians 2:10,8,11

“His last hours at Flossenburg prison are recounted by the prison doctor, who ‘saw Pastor Bonhoeffer still in his prison clothes kneeling in fervent prayer to the Lord his God. The devotion and evident conviction of being heard that I saw in the prayer of this intensely captivating man moved me to the depths.'”–The Bonhoeffer Phenomenon by Stephen R. Haynes

“In each situation the church struggle is at once the same and yet different. The confession remains ‘Jesus is Lord,’ but the concrete implications differ. To know the implications requires listening, as did Bonhoeffer, to the cry of the victims that has brought the status confessionis into being.”–The Bonhoeffer Phenomenon by Stephen R. Hayne

If the confession “Jesus is Lord” is stripped of its socio-political context then it risks devolving into nothing but a pious platitude. Holy Week is a time to wrestle with the fleshly implications of our Christian confession.

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