‘U.S. Catholic’ Blog Post on Sept 26: A Sunday Without Women

Here’s a shout out to Megan Sweas over at U.S. Catholic for posting about the Sept 26: Sunday Without Women. There are some good comments in response to her post. Below see the comment that I left.

Boycotting the Mass
U.S. Catholic magazine
Rose Marie Berger of Sojourners has created a map of places where women are boycotting the Mass for her personal blog. Questions abound with such an idea.


Hi Megan– Thanks so very much for posting on the Sept 26: Sunday Without Women. I’m getting more and more comments at my blog everyday from women around the world who are standing up for women’s justice in the Catholic church.

I had a brief email interview with Jennifer Sleeman this week. She’s seeing lots of support bubbling up. The great thing is that women are coming up with all kinds of creative ideas. Many have decided to go to Mass on Saturday night in order to participate fully in the weekly liturgy. But will join with other women (and men) on Sunday morning during regular Mass time to pray together for the Holy Spirit and Mary and the women saints to intercede for the male Catholic hierarchy to receive new wisdom on an egalitarian model of Catholicism.

In Europe and the UK, men and some women decided to attend Mass but are wearing green armbands to signify their protest. In Portland, Oregon, several churches are banding together for a public prayer witness.

Jennifer Sleeman’s call was to “boycott Mass,” in part because she wanted to avoid any protest that would disrupt the liturgy. And I think she has a valid point there.

Keep the conversation going. Peace and All Good–
Rose Berger

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