Pat Mahon: ‘Listen to the Wisdom of the Haitian People’

paxchristilogoPat Mahon, over at Pax Christi South, has a really nice post on Haiti. He lays out how the complexities of racism, unjust debt systems, and lack of historical memory, play into the suffering that we now see unfolding. But also he reminds us as Christians what our response is.

Here’s an excerpt:

By giving money (This is called charity.) to responsible agencies, we can alleviate the immediate suffering of the people in Haiti; however, it is incumbent upon us to speak up, to advocate and work for the long-range re-creation of Haiti, not in our image and likeness but in the image of the people of Haiti (This is called justice.). Paulo Friere says we need to re-form our consciences. In doing so, we need to listen to wisdom of the Haitian people. They know what is best for them and they need to take the lead in redevelopment with our strategic assistance. We are called as Christians to see that justice is done, see that right relationships are created.

Merton reminds us that we are one with all other people. Rabbi Loewy reminds us of the strong Judeo-Christian tradition. Each of us is “created ‘b’tselem Elohim- in the image of God.” We are not smarter or more industrious—we are just one, created in the image of Abba God.

We have a Christian responsibility to alleviate human misery and suffering in the short term and over the long haul. Justice cries out and rolls down like a mighty stream. Justice creates and renews relationships—our relationship with Abba God, ourselves, one another, and God’s first revelation—creation.

Read the whole post here. Thanks, Pat!

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