In Copenhagen, A Bear Melts While Leaders Fiddle


Norwegian artist Olaf Storø has taken to making ice sculptures of polar bears as a symbol of his desire for climate justice.

He’s taken one of these sculptures to Copenhagen and placed it on the steps of the Church of Our Lady, Copenhagen’s Lutheran cathedral.

“The frozen bear will be a silent cry from the Arctic,” said Storø.

storoicebearThe ice bear was blessed at a 13 December worship service called “an ecumenical celebration for creation” in the cathedral, which marked the midpoint of United Nations-organized talks in the Danish capital to reach agreement on limiting emissions responsible for causing climate change.

“It is easy for people to understand climate change when they see a 500 kilogram bear slowly melt and disappear,” the artist said.

Instead of Nero fiddling while Rome burns, Storø’s sculpture shows how world leaders, particularly in the U.S. and China, are fiddling while the earth’s protective systems melt.

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