Nonviolent Peaceforce: The “Army” of Our Future

Sri Lanka: Women's Nonviolent Peaceforce
Sri Lanka: Women's Nonviolent Peaceforce
Mohandas Gandhi once said:  “There are many causes I am willing to die for. There is not a single one I am willing to kill for.”  The Nonviolent Peaceforce is the embodiment of Gandhi’s statement.

Here’s a great 18-minute documentary on the unarmed civilian peacekeeping work of Nonviolent Peaceforce and their global work of reducing armed conflict through third party, nonviolent intervention.

Nonviolent Peaceforce is an unarmed, professional civilian peacekeeping force that is invited to work in conflict zones worldwide. With international headquarters in Brussels, Nonviolent Peaceforce has worked in the conflict areas of Sri Lanka, the Philippines and Guatemala.

Among other activities, it works with local groups to foster dialogue among parties in conflict, provide a proactive presence and safe spaces for civilians, and develop local capacity to prevent violence. Its staff includes veterans of conflict zones and experienced peacekeepers.

I’ve been tangentially involved with NP founders Mel Duncan and David Hartsough since they first began dreaming up a trained nonviolent intervention force. I hope you enjoy this short video. It’s a great one to show to a church group or social justice/peace group or youth group. View it here:

See a more in-depth interview here with NP founder Mel Duncan after his meeting at the State Department in September 2009.

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