Save A Nun: Is Pope’s Inquisition into American Nuns Playing into Dan Brown’s Conspiracy?

susantoepfer_136I’m giving a shout out to Susan Toepfer over at Truth/Slant for her post Nuns on the Run: Why Is the Pope Targeting Women? Even though Toepfer’s not Catholic herself, like many Americans she’s benefited from the amazing gift and wisdom of American Catholic sisters.

I’m doing my best to track good posts and stories on the current Vatican investigation into Catholic sisters. If you see any, send them my way.

Here’s a snippet from Toepfer’s piece:

It is a story worthy of a Dan Brown thriller, replete with secret ceremonies, powerful adversaries and hidden motives. Yet this high-level plot is playing out in real time, right under our noses, and it all begins with a modern-day inquisition into the lives of nuns.

Nuns, as even non-Catholics know (and I am not Catholic, though my husband and children are), haven’t been quite the same since the ’60s, when they started shedding their habits for street clothes and venturing out more self-assuredly into the world. Nuns, as you might also have noticed, have severely decreased in number since then. The dwindling religious who remain have not only often fled traditional communities but have expanded their interests to such contemporary concerns as saving the environment and rescuing sex slaves.

That, apparently, is enough to make this current, most conservative of Popes, send in his troops.

Read more of what I’ve written on the Vatican investigation into American Catholic nuns here.

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