Catholics Should Refuse to Pay for Vatican Investigation of American Nuns

Sr. Dolorosa Bundy
Sr. Dolorosa Bundy

Thanks to Whispers in the Loggia for this nice summary of the most recent news on the Vatican investigation into American Catholic nuns. Apparently, not only are the nuns supposed to be honored by a Vatican investigation (usually reserved for pedophile priest scandals), but now they are encouraged to pay for it out of their own meager funds and with the help of Catholic bishops through local congregations.

Uhhhmmmm. How about we just say “no.” There’s just no good reason to participate in your own oppression, much less pay for it.

Here’s an excerpt from Whispers:

As the Apostolic Visitation of the nation’s womens’ communities enters its second phase, the Holy See has asked the US bishops to foot the controversial inquest‘s proposed budget of $1.1 million.

Broken yesterday by the National Catholic Reporter, news of the funding pitch — made to the bishops in a July letter from the Vatican’s lead overseer of religious, Slovenian Cardinal Franc Rodé CM — has provoked a fierce outcry from critics of the three-year study:

Since the Vatican announced the study last December, it has never publicly stated how much it estimates the comprehensive inquiry will cost or who will pay for it. A Vatican document sent to the heads of U.S. women’s congregations last summer suggested that those chosen for on-site visitations defray costs by paying for and hosting visitation teams, “and, if at all possible, transportation costs related to the visit.”…

Rodé’s July letter came in the form of a general appeal to U.S. bishops. It was addressed: “Your Eminence/Your Excellency” and began with an explanation: “My dear brother bishops in the United States, as you are aware, His Holiness Pope Benedict XVI, in an audience on Nov. 17, 2008, authorized an apostolic visitation of the principal institutes of apostolic women religious in the United States.”

His letter went on to say, “We count on your support in this effort to:

  • “look into the quality of the life of apostolic women religious in the United States
  • “learn more about the varied and unique ways in which apostolic women religious contribute to the welfare of the church and society
  • “assist the church to strengthen, enhance and support the growth of the apostolic congregations to which approximately 59,000 women religious in the United States belong.”

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