Catholic Hospitals “Walk the Talk” on Healthcare


Here’s a nice commentary on Catholics and healthcare reform by Sr. Mary Ann Walsh, director of communications for the US Catholic Bishops Conference.

She talks about Catholic hospitals, founded largely by the orders of Catholic sisters now being investigated by the Vatican, as places where healthcare is seen as a human right and sacred duty. I think we need more of that in our current discussion. Here’s an excerpt:

The Catholic Church walks the walk on health care. Its voice deserves to be heard. The church seeks four things in health care reform:

1. Respect for life and dignity, from conception to natural death.
2. Access for all, especially the poor and legal immigrants.
3. Pluralism, both through freedom of conscience and a variety of health care options.
4. Equitable cost, applied fairly across the spectrum of payers.

What the church does not want is abortion. Abortion does not cure people; it snuffs out human life. The Hyde Amendment precludes using federal funds for abortion, and that same restriction ought to govern programs emerging from health care reform.

Read her whole commentary here.

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