Fox News On The Trail of Mystery Rock Sculptor


On this blog in January, I reported spying random bits of environmental art in Rock Creek Park. “Stone bee hives,” I called them.

Apparently, Fox News also spotted the art cairns and followed up with an article and video. Here’s an excerpt:

Sculptures are popping up in Rock Creek Park. In fact, they’re right in the middle of the creek itself.

Some people might not even notice at first, but once they see the sculptures made of stone and twigs, they are intrigued. One jogger told FOX 5, “Someone’s probably just trying to express themselves a little bit.”

We have no idea who’s creating these sculptures, but a little detective work reveals a few clues. Nearby someone’s written some letters – a K and a U. Then just a few feet away you can see the spot where somebody was breaking large rocks into pieces to make them just the right size.

Watch Fox’s video here:

Check back in for a revelation of who this mystery artist might be.

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