CJR Gives Sojourners Kudos

soj0904There’s a nice mention in the Columbia Journalism Review‘s blog written by Katia Bachko about Sojourners magazine’s April 2009 issue.

Like most great journalism efforts Sojourners editorial staff is a mixture of editors and writers with academic journalism degrees and others with 35 years of experience “just doing the work.” It’s nice when the arbiters of journalistic integrity at least know you exist!

Here’s a clip from CJR’s comment:

Sojourners is a Christian magazine, and, according to its cover, it’s interested in “faith, politics, and culture.” In tone and subject matter, Sojourners often feels like the magazine embodiment of NPR’s Speaking of Faith, only slightly more preachy, and more narrowly Christian.

The magazine is strongest when covering social justice issues, illuminating topics frequently neglected by mainstream outlets.

Read the whole piece here.

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