God and Money: Two Great Things That Go Great Together

csmlizandkimorigIn case you ever wonder what Sojourners interns do after they spend a year in SojoLand, check out A Spiritual Approach to Money in yesterday’s Christian Science Monitor. The lead photo shows 2006-2007  Sojo Internet/Organizing intern Kim Szeto and 2004-2005 Sojo public policy intern Liz Green participating the a Lazarus at the Gate project. Here’s an excerpt from the article:

In turbulent economic times, the watchwords are usually: Cut back. Live frugally. Hunker down and put money in safe places!

But here in Boston, small groups of churchgoers have been applying a different message to money management. During the past two years, they have studied what the Bible teaches about money and wealth, discussed their personal budgets, and taken concrete steps aimed at four commitments: “Living gratefully, spending less, buying justly, and giving more.”

With gratitude as a foundational principle, the study groups follow a 12-session curriculum called “Lazarus at the Gate,” referring to the challenging gospel story about a rich man who persistently ignored a beggar named Lazarus at his gate (Luke 16). They discuss passages from the Old or New Testaments that consider wealth as a blessing, a potential idol, a resource for meeting needs, and to be justly distributed.

Read the whole article here.

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  1. cool! thanks for the shout out, Rose. (and I was 04-05, not that it matters all that much.) I have been enjoying your blog lots&lots.

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