Bill Moyers Quotes Sojo’s “Between the Lines”

I’m super excited that journalist extraordinaire Bill Moyers mentioned Sojourners magazine Friday night on his show Bill Moyers Journal. And not only did he mention the magazine but he specifically drew on the “Between the Lines” section, which I edit. Very gratifying. Thanks to Sojo assistant editor Jeannie Choi for writing up the “Stats” column that caught Moyers’ eye. Here a snippet of the transcript:

BILL MOYERS: We are empowered to think beyond ourselves, to imagine the more perfect union for which this compact was forged. But as Obama himself reminded us Tuesday, stubborn facts crouch just offstage, waiting to pounce. We return to a minefield of tripwires ready to ensnare our hopes and dreams. By chance, Tuesday evening I came upon some of those stubborn facts, in this issue of “Sojourners” magazine.

For the first time in history, more than one in every 100 adults in America is in jail or prison that’s 2.3 million people. One reason? The leader of one organization working with prisoners’ families told “Sojourners” that “The education system, particularly for inner-city youth where the bulk of our prisoners come from, is abysmal.”

You can watch the video clip here (the Sojourners part is between sections 1:09-1:40).

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