Howth: Fish is Life

Dateline: Howth, Dublin, Ireland, overlooking the Irish Sea

Just a taste of the town of Howth. It’s a fishing village with the finest and freshest fish you’ll find anywhere. Every morning I’ve had wild salmon for breakfast with eggs, tea, and toast.

On the West Pier in Howth I spotted this little trailer and couldn’t resist it.

Howth, Dublin, West Pier
Howth, Dublin, West Pier

I’m sure there is good Christian symbolism in this photo. It’s all part of tracking Jesus … once you catch the scent..

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  1. Hello there! I posted a similar picture to your “fish is life” on my blog. You might be interested in having a look. I cover the symbolism a bit in psychoanalytic terms. Best wishes for your work. Coinneach Shanks

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