Howth: Obama in Ireland?

Dateline: Howth, Dublin, Ireland, overlooking the Irish Sea

The headlines in the Irish Times are much the same as in the States: “Banks to Pay One Billion Euros to Cover State Guarantee” and concern over whether or not new legislation cuts too much in health-care benefits for the elderly (over 70).

But in one-inch photos on the lower left-hand side of the front page are Obama, McCain, and Sarah P. (“Joltin’ Joe [Biden] has left and gone away”). The Irish and BBC commentators say that Obama won last night’s debate hands down. That McCain just looked old, ugly, and mean. And that Sarah “Bob Roberts” Palin has “provoked a sharp backlash among voters,” hurting McCain’s campaign.

The Op-Ed page only carries on commentary related to the U.S. presidential race: It’s by Garrison Keillor. The headline is “Barak’s Cool Poise a Testament to American Heart and Humour.”

“The man has walked tall,” writes Keillor, “and his wife has turned out to be the brightest figure in the whole political parade, an ebullient woman of quick wit and beautiful spirit.”

In other Obama v McCain news, I recommend taking at look at Rolling Stone‘s Oct. 18, 2008 issue. There is a very unpleasant investigative piece on McCain, Make-Believe Maverick by Tim Dickinson. Also don’t miss Karl Rove’s A-Team by Sean Woods. It’s good to know who is steering the spin machine in the Republican campaign.

My favorite quote from the McCain investigative piece is by retired brigadier general John H. Johns who studied with McCain at the National War College.

“He’s going to be Bush on steroids,” says Johns about McCain. “His hawkish views now are very dangerous. He puts military at the top of foreign policy rather than diplomacy, just like George Bush does. He and other neoconservatives are dedicated to converting the world to democracy and free markets, and they want to do it through the barrel of a gun.”


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