Caveat Lector

“Let the Reader Beware”
a poetic disclaimer

To err is human. I am
Human. I made this blog.
This blog
May have errors. Beware.

I think, therefore I am.
I get paid to think,
Write, and otherwise
Labor by an employer.

That employer is distinct
And separate from this
Blog. I am, I think, solely
Responsible for

The content of my soul
And this blog. Beware.
My employer is blameless,
For what you find here.

Time marches on
And timed material herein
Will soon appear old.
Sorry. This is the way

The world works. Beware.
Hyperlinks are like shaking
hands. You do it automatically.
Sometimes, you wish

you hadn’t. Beware.
Except where otherwise
Noted, content on this
Blog is considered part

Of the Creative Commons
(attribution 3.0). You can
Use and adapt it, as long
As you cite it. Beware.

On occasion, the content
herein will possibly
offend. That’s not
My intent. Beware.

If legal action is
What you intend,
And money of mine
You hope to rake in. Beware.

All financial claims
Will be limited and
Defined. I won’t pay
You anything, except
Maybe a dime. Beware.

Thank you, dear reader,
For spending your time
Here at this blog in the
Internet bog. Enough,
I say of all this due care!
Read on, dear reader, read on!

By Rose Marie Berger

I’m very grateful to Heidi Thompson for designing and managing the guts of this Web site and to Hilary Doran for creating the artwork/logo. This blog is a personal endeavor and is in no way related to my employer.-RMB.